Pure Love

jdfyu271 said... "How has Love changed your life?":

I was the daughter of a baptist preacher, in a small town where everyone knew my family and myself.The spirit of depression can on me when I was 6 years old 3 months later i was hit by a car. I broke my left leg and fractured my scull in three places. Four years later I suffer another head injury I was pushed off of a piece of play ground equipment and cracked my head on the support at the bottom.

When I was in 5th grade I started to show signs of an eating disorder called anorexia. during the summer transition period between elementray and middle school I was still depressed and felt like I had nothing to live for so I comtemplated sucide. But the thought of mom losing another child would'nt let me do it. So I was alive but dead on the inside. I became angry and apathetic, I felt like God didn't care about me so why should I care about myself.

I transfered to a christian school where I still carryed the spirit of depression and a really bad attitude problem. I was taken to a christian concert Dc talk, Jennifer knapp and The W's. I went initially I was going to miss a day of school. But God had bigger plans. One of the members of Dc talk said God told them to speak they didn't know who they were speaking to but he was going to speak anyway. He said, That we are fearfully and wonderfully made, and that satan would use things and words from other people to deter us from our purpose. Don't miss what God has for you. I began to weep and knew he talking to me.

I rededicated my life to God and made a true love waits promise.(This means I won't have sex until I'm married) I am 24 years old now and living God. I also have never been kissed. I believe in a high level of purity thanks to God. And I would encourage all of you struggling with purity that there will be times when it is not easy but Id you continue to be faithful it will be so worth it. I leave you with this scripture: Song of Solomon 3:5,and 8:4 Promise me, O women of Jerusalem by the gazaelles, and the wild deer, not awaken love until the time is right. Remember God is your lover. " I'm my beloveds and my beloved is mine!"

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