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I'm Tagged!

I’ve recently been tagged by Lori at: Persevere ;-)

These are 7 random and/or weird facts about me:

  1. I love Jesus :-) <><
  2. I love my family & humanity :-)
  3. I love my country :-) (Vote Your Faith, WWJD)
  4. I like to get and give, hugs and smiles, x :-)
  5. I my shoe size is a 10.5
  6. I enjoy taco night a home (yum:-)
  7. I'd like to share your story/testimony at Power Up Love ;-)

The seven people I tagged are as follows:



Robin & Olivia

I Whisper to God

When 2 Became 3 or 4

Life on the Farm

Michael Patrick David

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WHITEShadow said...

Thanks, you just tagged me. This is cool.