Spending The Rest of My Life With Him

Dani said… “How has Love changed your life?”:

My husband, Curtis and I invite you to join us as we walk down memory lane through the past ten years of our lives, and share the most intimate and personal details of our relationship never heard before by the public.

This is an impromptu radio show (WordsAreWeaponsRadio.com) about our journey as a couple from the heathen days when we first fell in love, the critical moments when we turned our lives over to God, convictions we had to change our evil ways, different challenges we faced, extreme circumstances which define who we are, the crisis which changed everything, how we overcame the unthinkable from rage to responsibility, and developed a unique and glorious marriage built to last a lifetime.

We are no marriage experts, but through our various trials and tribulations we have learned the true meaning of love and commitment, and by the grace of God we have triumphed over all adversity for better or worse until death do us part.

I know I love my husband, Curtis, more now than the day we got married seven years ago, and I can’t think of anything better than spending the rest of my life with him.

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