His Precious Love

Denise said... "How Has Love Changed Your Life?":

Self-injury (self-harm, self-mutilation) can be defined as the attempt to deliberately cause harm to one's own body and the injury is usually severe enough to cause tissue damage. This is not a conscious attempt at suicide, though some people may see it that way.

Self-injury is probably the most widely misunderstood forms of self harm and there are many myths associated with it, which can make it difficult for people to reach out and ask for help.

Self-Injury is a mission close to my heart. As someone who has personally dealt with this issue, I truly understand how important it is to help others that are dealing with this in their own life. After my momma passed away in 2006, my emotions were running all over the place. I had hidden so much pain deeply away inside of me, as I had been her caregiver, watching her slowly fade away from me. On the day she passed away, I was the one who walked in her room, and found her gone. All of those experiences deeply left their mark upon me, and I began to cut myself as a way to deal with my pain. So, I understand the pain of self-injury. Please know that if you are going through this right now, you are not alone. Jesus never left my side, He was in the bathroom with me one night, when I finally cried out His precious name. He picked me up, dried my tears, cleaned my injuries, and forgave me for hurting myself. He poured His precious love all over my wounded and weary body. He can, and will do the same for you my friend. Please call out to Him, He will come running to help you.

Be blessed.


DoLLY said...

Your blogs are very enlightening and have so much wisdom in them! Thanks for sharing yourself with us.


Dear Denise,
I imagine the pain of losing your momma must have been quite profound?

I can relate to the
(abandonment) & guilt and how one wants to escape from it, by harming oneself…I had years of it.

I feel some joy & relief that you called on the name of JESUS & that He has forgiven you.