An Unforgettable Day...

Lyndsie said... "How has love changed your life?"

* April 28th 2006*

April 28th 2007: Today marks a year that I have been cancer free! It's hard to believe that a year ago today, I was laying in a hospital bed recovering from surgery. I believe with all of my heart that the Lord allowed me to have cancer for a reason, but at the time I didn't understand. Since that day, my life has changed drastically! This has been one of the best years of my life and now I have been able to see just what the Lord was doing in me!

Many of you know the story of the picture above. But for those of you who don't,
I would like to share with you the beautiful story behind this picture!

Daniel and I were broke up at the time of my surgery, but we were still good friends, but we didn't consider ourselves "boyfriend and girlfriend." Before my surgery there were a lot of things in my life that needed changing. Of course I didn't realize it at the time. I was happy and content running my life the way I thought it should be! I was putting the Lord on the back burner and I was going to run the show for awhile!

Those of you who have a personal relationship with the Lord know that you can not grow spiritually if you are the one doing all the planning.

When I found out that I had ovarian cancer that was definitely not in my plans for my life! But guess who was the first person I ran to?! You guessed it! My Heavenly Father! Cancer was something that I could not fix myself! I believe He used this situation for me to realize that I am not in control of what happens in my life! I have a wonderful family who was there for me and supported me through my surgery and recovery! But the Lord was the only One who could give me the Grace that I needed to make it through! I have never been so close to the Lord as I was during the time of my surgery and recovery! I was able to put Lyndsie aside and see how beautiful the love of God really is! I was able to see just how much He really loves me and wants the best for my life! Realizing all of this made me realize something else. And that was how in love I was with Daniel! I honestly did not think that Daniel would come for my surgery. After all, we were broke up because of problems in my life! Why would he want to be there when I hadn't really been there for him?! I also knew he was in the middle of finals. So in my mind there was no way he would be there! But..............he was there! Daniel and his Mom came and stayed at the hospital during my surgery. When I came out of surgery one of the first things I said to Daniel was, "I like your shirt!" (I hate to even admit this) but I don't remember even seeing him there! It wasn't until later when I realized that he had come to be with me during my surgery. When Daniel was there with me, my Mom said he hardly ever left the side of my bed! He was right there with me the whole time!

One afternoon my parents and Daniel's Mom left to go get some lunch, they asked Daniel if he wanted to go.(I was so out of it with all of the medicine they were giving me that I don't really even remember any of this.) He said, No, and that he wanted to stay with me. When they got back I was asleep and Daniel had fallen asleep in the chair beside me. Mrs Pam took the picture above with her cell phone. It has become my favorite picture of all times! When I came home from the hospital and began to realize all that had taken place the last couple of days, I was overwhelmed with emotion! Looking at this picture I realized how much Daniel really loved me! And in a strange way, how much the Lord really loved me! Other than my salvation, the Lord was giving me the most beautiful gift He could ever give me........Daniel!

At the time Daniel had not yet told me that he loved me. I wanted to wait until he told me that he loved me first, before I would to tell him how I felt. But I knew I couldn't go through life much longer without letting him know how much I loved him! Sure enough it wasn't long after my surgery when he told me that he loved me! It was one of the most touching times in my life! I cried, he cried, we cried together! It was beautiful!

At that time I knew this wasn't some cheap puppy love, I knew this was something beyond the "Gilbert Blithe and Anne of Green Gables" love story that I had hoped for! This was LOVE the way God intended it to be! I knew right then and there that this was it! This was my soul mate! This was the man that I had prayed for! He was everything I had ever wanted in a husband! I knew this was the start of something wonderful! And I was right! Daniel and I have never been so in love with each other as we are today! Looking back, we have been through a lot to get where we are today. But if I had to do it all over again to be as happy and as in love as I am now..............I would do it in a heartbeat!

Well now saying all of that, being cancer free isn't the only thing I am thankful for today. Daniel and I never really had a anniversary together, and we couldn't think of a better day to celebrate it other than April 28th! is our 1st Anniversary!!!

Daniel~ Thank you for the love you show me everyday! You love me even on the days when I am unlovable! You once said, "Never forget how special you are to me because you are not just someone I could live with, you are the one I can't live without!" And I am convinced that you are the one I can't live without! When I am with you you make me want to be a better person! You touch my heart in a special way that no one else can! You have been my real "dream come true!" Thank you for sticking by my side through all of life's ups and downs! Like that song goes......"it's a long trip alone." And I am so thankful that I don't have to take this trip alone! Unfortunately because of our schedules we can't spend today together. But know that my heart is there with you!
Happy Anniversary!! I Love You!
All of my heart,

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Faith Imagined said...

What an absolutely beautiful faith story! Thank you so much for sharing these words and awesome picture!