Renewed Hope

Vanessa said... Good Afternoon!

I just wanted to share a few thoughts with some of my favorite people in this whole world…

After staying up late studying last night, (if you don’t know, I am taking a test in June to become HR Certified) I found myself deep into the immigration reform laws. Basically what is required of an illegal alien to work on our soil, the process for doing so, and rules and regulations that they must comply with. To say the least, it is a lengthy and intense process to be here in the states on a temporary eligibility to work permit. I couldn’t help but feel so blessed to be to be born as a U.S. Citizen and have all of the luxuries of being immediately granted the “right” to live and work here. Even more so, knowing just how blessed we are to be able to worship our Lord, Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday so openly and freely without any restrictions and without hiding. We are so amazingly lucky to be able to spend time with family, go home to beautiful houses, and to have our children grow up here and nurture their dreams of literally becoming ANYTHING they desire.

Sometimes I feel as though the path I chose could have been better, if I had made the “right” choice that time and chose the high road to success, instead of what I have chosen. The truth is: we have no idea what we would call the “right path” for us is, only God knows. He gives us direction and hope that we can trust that everything in our lives work together for good, we just need to believe. We have one thing that we share in common and that is the possibility of eternal salvation-and wow, what a goal, what a blessing! How amazing will it be to be standing in God’s presence in Heaven someday? The truth is, that there is no righteous deed that will earn us a place in Heaven(Titus 3:5) It cannot be earned or achieved because the one Holy enough to pay the debt for our sins was Jesus Christ. When he said, “It is finished” before he died on that cross, I believed him. Although there is no way to repay him, I know what He wants from me. My love, my faith, my hope in his word and his works and to try to live my life full of love, like Jesus. I pray that today, tomorrow, and forever that I would be able to assist those I love in joining me in heaven someday.

During this season, let’s not forget that our Lord has a place and a hand in our lives every single day-not just for Christmas and Easter. Every-Single-Day! “13“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” (Mathew 7:13-14) No matter what my path has been in the past, I know that I want to walk through the narrow gate that leads to life. The best part is that today we are alive- that means we still have a chance! Trust in the Lord that your life here on this Earth is only temporary, accept his love and forgiveness, and thank him for the many blessing in your life and that we enjoy as U.S. Citizens. Enjoy the feeling of pure peace in your heart when you put your life is in His hands!

I love you all and hope that today brings a sense of renewed hope!

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